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Funko Mini Marvel Infinity Saga

I found this exclusive Funko bobble head at Five Below. I had to have this since Scarlet Witch is one of my favorites. I love this bobble, she fits perfectly on my desk under my monitor. She is wearing the new MCU costume, which I like. It's more practical then her comic counterpart. She is in flight with her magic around her. The head does bobble but not overly so. The figure is about three and a half inches in height. The paint is even without any issues. One issue I do have is it says it glows in the dark, but it doesn't.

I also bought Iron Spider. I love this figure. The metallic paint is perfect. I was a little concerned when I took it out of the box it wouldn't sit stable. However he sits perfectly and looks so cool. Unfortunately his eyes don't seem to glow. Which is unfortunate but it's still a cool piece.

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