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Disney Villains Plushies by Funko

Updated: Jan 29

This was an impromptu gift from my boyfriend that I absolutely love. Maleficent is my favorite Disney Villain. Ever since I was a little girl Sleeping Beauty has been my favorite classic animated Disney movie.

Maleficent has been added to my desk at work, which she is the perfect size for. Maleficent stands at about four inches tall.

She is made out of a felt like material. She is a little squishy but not to soft where she looses her shape. I adore he large eyes. Her skin color is a little bit off from the animation but it's not an extreme difference. The purple in her outfit is perfect. I love how they did her horns as well. Although not having feet or legs is a bit weird but over all he is super cute.

If your interested in collecting the set of these plushies there are four in the collection. The other three are Ursula, the Queen of Hearts, and the Evil Queen. All of them are super cute and the perfect addition to your collection. I haven't decided yet if I need the rest or not.

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