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Doorables Series 9

Doorables are my latest addiction. I've only recently started collecting them in the past six months or so. It started because I felt like my desk needed something, not realizing it was like potato chips, one is never enough.

If your not familiar with Doorables, they are Disney/Pixar characters that are about an inch and a half to two inches tall or long. They are also super adorable. You have a choice in buying the series or one of the sets you can purchase such as the Mickey Years of Ears collections. I got that set for Christmas, which Engineer Mickey is hands down my favorite. The advantage of getting the sets is you know what you are getting. Unless it has a possible bonus mystery character.

They redesign the bigger box for each series. I really like the design of this one. Francis and Mushu are super cute. Inside these boxes you can get up to seven Doorables. When you open it up you have little doors to open like an advent calendar. Each character is in a pink plastic bag.

Once inside there are doors with shadows of some of the characters inside. One of the doors will have a check list to help you keep track of the ones you have. This series has fifty Doorables. Francis and Heimlich are my favorites so far. Of the ones I've gotten that is. They have the sweetest little faces. The paint job is on point with this series, unlike series one, it's paint was a bit janky. I like that they seem to be adding more Pixar characters. The one character I have to find in this series is Edna Mode! Series 8 it was the Lotso that smells like strawberries.

These are the six characters in the box I bought today. Now I might be a little bit slow to the game but I noticed each box and the little packs have a letter and number on the bottom after the serial number. I did a small experiment to see if they would have the same characters if the letter and number are the same. I bought a couple of the little packs to test if out. This box was B52.

I want to help you all out find some of the ones your looking for. So I am keeping track of the ones that I've bought since I started keeping track. In the small packs B158 Tow Mater and Pooh, and B134 Lumpy and Flick. In the big boxes A32 Clawhauser, Heimlich, Earth Joe Gardener, Roo, and Sea Monster Alberto. A31 50s Minnie, Sea Monster Luca, Piglet, Li Shang, Earth Mr Mittens, and Clawhauser.

As you can see there is probably no way to avoid getting duplicates of the super common ones but I think as long as you avoid getting the same numbers it will help you get the full set of 50. I give my extras away so to me it's not a huge deal. Wish me luck on getting Edna soon.

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