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Evil Dead Rise Movie Review: Hate It or Love It Movie Reviews

Welcome to Hate It or Love It On today's episode I'll be reviewing Evil Dead Rise like, comment, Follow, and let me know what you thought about Evil Dead Rise

1 Love It: Meaning the movie was perfect I didn't find too many flaws and I'm definitely buying this on Blu-ray. It's a must-watch

2. On the real for real: meaning it was almost perfect. Enjoyable most likely I will buy this on Blu-ray and I highly recommend you to watch this film.

3. Swag: meaning it was a good movie that wasn't perfect and had some flaws but it was enjoyable. I will only recommend it if you're a fan of the genre. If you're not a fan be cautious in going into this movie.

4. Wait for it!........... until it comes out on Netflix or Redbox: meaning the movie was okay but I advise you to wait till it comes out on Redbox or Netflix.

5. Hate It: it was a waste of time waste of money piece of crap don't even bother watching it on Netflix or rent it from Redbox. This movie should have never been made

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